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Mfg Part #: 22606


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Buy Remington Centerfire Primers-6-1/2 Small Rifle Online

Buy Remington Centerfire Primers-6-1/2 Small Rifle Online. Remington Centerfire Primers have been specially designed with high-quality materials and manufactured to extremely tight tolerances. These primers are made with a priming mix that guarantees consistent ignition when used with a variety of different types of powder.

Not only can Remington Centerfire Primers be used with a variety of powders, but they have been rigorously tested at temperatures between -20 and +150 degrees F to ensure maximum reliability and performance. These primers come in a 1,000-piece box to ensure that you always have them on hand exactly when you need them most.

Warning: Do not use 6-1/2 small rifle primers in high intensity rifle cartridges such as the 17 Rem, and the 223 Rem. Damage to your firearm and/or serious personal injury may result.

Count: 1000/ct
Primer Size Type: 6-1/2 Small Rifle