Product Number: AA22308
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Mfg Part #: A22308


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Buy Accurate 2230 Rifle Powder 8 lbs Online

Buy Accurate 2230 Rifle Powder 8 lbs Online. Accurate 2230 is a fast burning, double-base, spherical rifle propellant. This versatile powder was designed around the 223 Remington, but can be used in many small and medium caliber cartridges including the 308 Winchester. 2230 also works well in big bore straight wall cartridges such as the 458 Winchester. The excellent flow characteristics and grain size of 2230 make it ideal for progressive loading. Made in Belgium.

  • Bulk Density(grams/cc) +/-5.6% 0.985 VMD(cc/grams) 1.015
  • Bulk Density(grains/cc) +/-5.6% 15.201 VMD(cc/grains) 0.066
Powder Type:Rifle
Powder Shape: Ball
Powder Size: 8 lbs